Monday, January 2, 2012

Xmas 2011, the Second

For our second Xmas party (this was two out of three), we did a Yankee Swap with Jon's Mom's side of the family after dinner in Chinatown. Outside, it was whatever you think of when you hear "blustery."

On the way to dinner, I ran into a guy who lived in Metzger 3 with me
my freshman year at Rutgers in the elevator of Confucius Plaza. It was quite random. 
I hadn't seen him since our Japanese Poli-Sci class ended in spring 2005.
(Pam, if you're reading this, it was Mike Ling. Crazy, right?)

From the Yankee Swap I got a bag of dark chocolate, and Jon got a bag of assorted candies 
that had, in particular, gummi bears.
I've gained almost five pounds this holiday season.
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