Monday, January 23, 2012

Gong Hei Fat Choy!

Yesterday we went to Chinatown 
to pick up some char sui and chicken 
with Jon's Por Por.

It was freezing cold, but we got our groceries:
two whole chickens
looks like four orders of char sui
some pastries

Jon's Por Por had her apartment decked out for the new year.
She vyed (prayed) with the food,
then she divvied it up for us
before we left.

Tonight I separated the meat from the skin and bones
of the half chicken she gave us.
(Is that a kidney or some other organ on the right?)

No veins or cartilage!
The best!

Here's the tastiest of the char sui--the lusciously caramelized part.

There seems to be a nice collection of meat fat,
meat jelly, and meat juice.

Going to stir fry this all up in a beautiful fried rice!

Hopefully this dragon year is lucky and prosperous for you!
It seems like an okay year for the pig (yay!)--
the dog (Jon) needs to be a bit more cautious though.
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