Thursday, January 5, 2012

Last 2011 Personal Day

On the second to last Thursday of the 2011 year,
I had the day off, so we embarked on a journey . . .

to New Jersey.


(This seagull is bigger than your small dog.)

We had a private ferry ride. 
The gray cloud is smoke across Jersey City into the Financial District.
On a map, I saw that it was called "FiDi."

The smoke came from a warehouse fire in Elizabeth, NJ.
That's about two Turnpike exits.
It was Thursday.
News reports said they wouldn't have it out until after Christmas.
That means they estimated that it'd be at least Monday
before the fire would be contained.

We got some genetic testing done to make sure our babies,
at some point in the future,
won't have scales or something horrible.
It seemed like the responsible thing to do.

We also put up a faux Christmas tree and made some paper ornaments
to get in the holiday spirit.
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