Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year! 2012!

I'd been told that it was probably a bad idea 
to walk towards the Times Square New Year's crowds.
That there'd be drunk people throwing up in my hair and peeing on my shoes,
and all that good stuff.

But after watching Bridesmaids, it was 11:20 p.m. on New Year's Eve
and about fifty degrees outside.
And Jon had agreed to embark with me on my little adventure earlier.
The plan was to walk across town to the barricades penning the people
in Times Sqaure
 and then walk north toward Central Park,
to hopefully see the Road Runners' New Year's fireworks if possible
and maybe some Times Square action looking downtown.

We ended up at Columbus Circle where it wasn't too crowded.
We could look down Broadway, but not see anything significant.
I was kind of hoping to see some of the three tons of confetti
or even just hear the crowd count down.
Instead it was just a drunk tourist family counting down,
and then it was midnight.

Or rather it was 2012, and we saw fireworks!

They did each firework one at a time,
so it lasted for about twenty minutes.
It was marvelous.

At the end, they just blasted all the rest of the fireworks that they had.
We got home about twenty minutes later.
No one threw up on us, though we did narrowly avoid some vomit on the sidewalk.

Happy new year!
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