Tuesday, March 6, 2012

On the Beauty of Flats

I had a dream about green flats. 
They saved me or the world.
It was amazing.

But I bought these black ones instead.
My current black suede flats have worn soles.
If these flats fit well, 
they'll at least look appropriate at formal events
that I'm too lazy to wear heels to.

For warmer weather,
I wanted this pair.
But they ran out of my size.

So I got this pair.
The only size 7s they have left as of today are black.
I had a pair of red sandals before
that I wore down to sand and threads.
I hope these are a proper replacement.

I still got a pair of tan shoes though.
Jon kind of hates the holes.
He thinks I'll come home with little polka dots of dirt
from walking through the city's gritty streets.
We'll have to see.

These are due to ship a day after my birthday.
In June.
I saw a pig in Paris last month covered in leopard spots.
I really felt like I could relate.
If these don't fit, I need to find a nice pair, like these, that do.

They called Dorothy Parker, Dottie.

I hope they fit. 
It'll be marvelous.

*images from madewell.com
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