Friday, March 16, 2012

Tiny Furniture Is Awful

Movie time!

:) -- Ooh! -- I wouldn't be too embarrassed about recommending this.

:/ -- Err. -- Maybe if you've got nothing else to watch at all.

:( -- What?! -- As in What is this garbage?!

Tiny Furniture

So I saw Judd Apatow's tweet about Girls, and I was like, well, if they're going to be putting this on HBO and it's an Apatow production, it can't be complete trash. I thought that maybe Lena Dunham's movie IS worth watching. But, no. No it's most definitely not. And I don't want to hear that I never told you so, because I just did. It's so bad. I'm telling you now so that you don't ever have to watch this movie. I made ramen during this movie and when I came back nothing had happened. My friend Pam said that she fast-forwarded through this movie trying to find something that happens. NOTHING DOES.

Overall: A fucking annoying kind-of-unattractive/overweight spoiled bitch, who throughout most of the film walks around in mostly a T-shirt and panties, just graduated college with a degree more worthless than whatever you or I got and is just such a terrible person. The best thing I can say about this movie is that it doesn't look like crap. Like visually. (Also, this is now part of the Criterion collection. What?!?) But that's like saying about a restaurant that the plating was nice--and that's the nicest thing you can say because everything just tasted like shit. You know what would've been so much better to watch? Actual attractive people with clean hair. Or maybe any kind of people with clean hair.

Surprise: She has sex. In. A. Construction. Tube. Thing.
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