Friday, March 9, 2012

Things to Eat and Stanley Turrentine

Just a quick roundup of the state of food in Manhattan from my Google Reader feed of Jon's stuff for me to read:

Though Acme remains the same in name, the space and cuisine is new. Jon and I ate there last week, so I hope to write about this soon. I'd go back when the menu changes, but OMG, why were the people there so douchey?

Our beloved, cute, affordable Italian place in the LES, Max, is moving to Brooklyn, so we'll probably never see it again unless it comes to visit us in Manhattan.

At least this pizza place that Dani and I went to last week (PizzArte) near work was delicious. Now to try their pasta!

Not a shocker, but it's a little surprising how fast it's closing: Romera is a goner. I've been meaning to write about our meal back in fall 2011 for months. Let's just say the best part of the meal was discovering this version of "Sunny" by Stanley Turrentine.

Wow, that's a great song!

Look at the most pretty sushi pieces ever here. Sushi Shop's prices are affordable too! Now to see if it tastes as good as it looks.

And here's another place on the new sushi to eat list: Neta. Though for full disclosure, I don't really remember our meal at Bar Masa except that it was ridiculously expensive, we had sake-flavored ice cream for dessert, and the table next to us had a douchey guy, a Knicks cheerleader, and her gay friend and none of them finished their sushi. Sacrilege! I remember being very tempted to eat their untouched sushi, but that would've been gross. Our sushi meal itself was kind of a blur since we ordered from the menu instead of getting an omakase.

Maybe this weekend, we'll take a walk up to Epicerie Boulud. (How good is the song on the website? The ocean waves at the beginning . . . I want to go to the beach.)

I'm looking forward to the longer days and eating al fresco. A snowless winter is bearable, but it's nothing like the long, warm days of summer.
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