Friday, March 30, 2012

The Jackpot Is Now $640 Million: Do You Have Your Ticket Ready?

Things can change a lot in one day . . .
like if you win the lottery.

For example,
this morning the pay phone ad that I walked by 
said $540 million.

This afternoon it said $640 million.


Six hundred forty million dollars!


Yesterday our tickets said the jackpot was $500 million. 
(Though it went up to $540 million by the end of the day.)

Jon and I have never bought lottery tickets before yesterday.
On my way home 
I handed a lady in a news stand booth 
all the cash in my wallet:
I asked Jon to buy $15 worth of tickets more near his office.
Spreading out where we got our tickets felt like a good idea.

Today, I bought another ticket with my last four quarters.
I thought it'd say $640 million, but it wasn't updated.
Just $540 million.

The lady told me with a sincere look in her eyes, "Good luck."
I said, "Thank you."

I think the best part of buying a lottery ticket
with a jackpot so big,
is that the possibilities of what you can do with all that money
seems infinite.
Infinity being so tangible feels awesome.

Now it's time to kick back and relax . . .
and hope we're hundred millionaires in a couple of hours.
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