Monday, March 26, 2012

Ben Stiller

One of the more exciting things that happened last week was seeing Ben Stiller twice on my morning commute.

Last Tuesday, I saw a bunch of men, that at first glance looked like construction workers or day workers at least (since they didn't have the orange vests and helmets). Then I recognized Ben Stiller.

At that point, I had walked too fast past him to whip out my phone to take a photo to prove that I was at least five feet away from him. They were just hanging outside of the Time Life building, and on second glance looked like tourists.

(Also, I felt a little self-conscious because I felt like I kept catching his eye when I looked at him. Maybe I had an expression on my face that pegged me as a psycho.)

On Wednesday morning, the same thing happened, but this time, he had some more people with him. People that had really big white boards. Like drywall, but thinner. Again, I was totally unprepared to take a photo of him, so I didn't.

Then on Thursday morning, I was ready with my phone out and on the correct mode and all to take a very stealthy photo, but I didn't see him. I did however see my former coworker from Wiley, so that was interesting.

I gave up trying to capture Ben Stiller on my cell phone on Friday. Friday was just a such a gorgeous morning though. It felt like summer, but without the chance of it getting too hot and ruining the rest of the day.

But this Monday morning I came from a different direction, and saw a bunch of men, just standing in a kind of horizontal line, taking up the whole giant sidewalk. Freaking tourists, I thought. Then among them I saw Ben Stiller. I walked through the space that his camera was pointed at to get ahead of him, and then I stood at one of those middle of the sidewalk crosswalks across from Radio City, and took a quick photo of him. A nearby tourist was taking a photo of everything but Ben Stiller. Bizarre.

I think Ben Stiller and his entourage were scouting for another movie. Maybe Tower Heist 2 or something with all those towers around (though he seems enamored with the Time Life building), but hopefully, it'll be something really funny.
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