Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Boobies on Showtime

After watching the first few episodes of Showtime's Homeland and House of Lies, the simple conclusion is that Showtime loves showing off boobs. Gratuitously. I'm not sure it makes the shows better or worse. (Maybe a bit awkward, depending on with whom you're watching them.)

Still while the pilot episode of Homeland had "gritty"/"realistic" scenes of nudity and sex, the pilot episode of House of Lies was just like a soft-core porn. While Homeland got better after the first few episodes, I just gave up on House of Lies after that first episode.

I love Kristen Bell, but I just didn't get House of Lies. Does anyone know if it gets better?

How do you feel about boobs or other nudity on TV shows?

(photo taken of a New Yorker cartoon)
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