Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I Love/Olive Oil Cake

I really wanted to make an olive oil cake,
so for a dinner we hosted to celebrate Carmina's birthday,
I made one.

The cake base gets really thick, 
but it's a really gorgeous color.
It smells amazing.

And instead of gobs of butter,
it's a 1/2 cup of extra-virgin olive oil for the fat.
Is it healthier?
I have no idea, 
but I'd like to think so.

The recipe doesn't say at first,
but you'll have to transfer and wash out your bowl/paddle of the base cake batter
to whip up the egg whites.
(Unless you have an extra bowl on hand.)

I had a mini cake pan that I'd never used.
I forgot what a mess it was to make cupcakes--
let alone mini cakes--
because of the scooping issue.
Then I remembered from my Cupcake Diaries books 
that the girls use an ice-cream scoop to divvy up the batter.
It kind of worked better than two spoons.

You'll want to use a really good extra-virgin olive oil.
Don't be cheap.
(They'd charge at least $5 to $12 for a dessert like this at a restaurant,
and do you know why the restaurant cake might taste better?
Because they didn't cheap out on the extra-virgin olive oil.)
Your main flavor is coming from the olive oil.

They looked a bit like bouchons.
And they tasted wonderful.

I used the Olive Oil Cake recipe from Mark Bittman's
(The "fluffy, moist" description won over the Mario Batali recipe in Molto Italiano.)

I felt like this was an easy cake to make,
and the results were much greater than my expectations!
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