Friday, March 23, 2012

My Hour and a Half with Marilyn

Who would've thought that the saucy blonde from Dawson's Creek would have made it this far in her career?

:) -- Ooh! -- I wouldn't be too embarrassed about recommending this.

:/ -- Err. -- Maybe if you've got nothing else to watch at all.

:( -- What?! As in What is this garbage?!


I had no expectations for this film to be good or for Michelle Williams to actually be quite great, but it was good and she was quite great.

Overall: A young Englishman, Colin, with family connections, uses those connections to work on Laurence Olivier's movie with Marilyn Monroe. Colin proves to be brilliant at everything (he did write the books the movie is based on), and while Arthur Miller's in America, Colin becomes Marilyn's "big spoon" in bed for about a week. Marilyn's nuts and insecure, but she's also smart. Olivier can't figure out whether to love or hate her. Judi Dench is just adorable in this movie too. It's a movie about making a movie. And what's interesting is that even though Michelle Williams isn't exactly as adored or even entirely as new to show business as Marilyn was, I wondered if making this movie with these extremely seasoned foreign actors, by playing this role of such great expectations, she felt as much pressure personally as she portrays in being Marilyn. Also, the scenes of the countryside are so warm and beautiful. If only I could take my shoes off and walk around there!

Surprise: Hermione gets dumped by Colin! Ron apparates onto the set to save her dignity. (Kidding.)
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