Tuesday, May 1, 2012

An Education

Movie time!

:) -- Ooh! -- I wouldn't be too embarrassed about recommending this.

:/ -- Err. -- Maybe if you've got nothing else to watch at all.

:( -- What?! -- As in What is this garbage?!

An Education

The trailer looked good, and I've been told I might like it. The only thing I've seen Carey Mulligan in was Pride & PrejudiceSo I thought it might be interesting to see her as the protagonist, but in this movie she's a child in a relationship with an old man. It's creepy. And it just gets creepier. Not in the sick, twisted way a lot of movies can become creepy, just Eww, what a creeper.

Overall: Girl gets in over her head with an old guy. They go to Paris, and there's a thing with a banana. He's really slimy. She's really gullible. No one thinks much about it at first. Then there's conflict. Then there are tears. She gets her ass handed back to her, but the ending is Hollywoodified-satisfying. The fashion and scenes are all really beautiful despite the ugliness going on in the plot.

Surprise: Rosamund Pike plays a really stupid woman. Why, Jane Bennett? Why?
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