Friday, May 4, 2012

The Time I Saw Barry Manilow at Radio City with My Parents

On May 2, 2012, I saw Barry Manilow's Radio City concert!

He did all his hits:

It's a Miracle
Look Like We Made It
Can't Smile Without You
American Bandstand
Brooklyn Blues
Copa Cabana
I Write the Songs

His fans were amazing.
You could hear them singing along--
like little echos after Barry moved on to the next verse.

Though he's old and has had hip surgery
(which is why he missed the February concert,
and why my dad and I attended
instead of my aunts),
he's spritely and a really good entertainer.

My mom said that it wasn't his best show.
I thought it was fantastic.
Great segues, adorable personality, 
and he had some great stories and dance moves.

I was really compelled 
to buy a T-shirt after the concert.
But there was a mob of people 
at least six deep at the two counters.

It was fun going to the concert with my parents though.
My mom said that he played all her favorites.
She felt the show was specifically tailored for her
in some miraculous way.
And she got a kick that the really old man with a cane
sitting next to her was thumping along to the beats
by the end of the show.
My dad sang along to "Can't Smile Without You."

Barry performed "Mandy" with a clip of himself on a TV show.
Like a duet.
It was powerful stuff.
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