Thursday, May 24, 2012

Saturday Stroll through Central Park and Bouchon

After stocking up on some jeans and summer stuff from Uniqlo,
we took a detour through Central Park.

It's called Tornado.
It's still up in May apparently.

Also, they need a copy editor.
"Centra Park"

Oh, man! 
My photo looks like the website's.

We stopped by the Central Park Zoo
to see what the sea lions were up to,
but they were hiding again.
At least this goat looks like it's having fun.

We bought a salted pretzel for the road.

And stopped by Bouchon in Columbus Circle for a snack.
This is their version of an Oreo cookie.

(I kind of prefer the original,
where I can eat the entire row of cookies,
for about the same cost as one of these.)

And this is a fromage blanc parfait.
This was delicious.
Fruity, sweet-tart cheesy, and refreshing.

It was all in all good stroll.
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