Thursday, May 3, 2012

Love and Other Drugs

Huge boob statues
from the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art in Denmark

Movie time!

:) -- Ooh! -- I wouldn't be too embarrassed about recommending this.

:/ -- Err. -- Maybe if you've got nothing else to watch at all.

:( -- What?! -- As in What is this garbage?!

Love and Other Drugs

Based on reviews that I've heard and read, I expected the worst movie ever. With lots of Anne Hathaway's boobs. I think they did a good job actually of balancing Anne's boobs with Jake's butt. Did they emphasize the boobs so that guys reluctant to see a kinda-sorta romantic movie will be taken by surprised by the butt?

Overall: It was kind of boring (overachiever gets his ass handed to him and then gets everything he's ever wanted) and predictable (they live happily ever after--as well as they could, I guess, considering she has Parkinson's) and gratuitous (um, the scene at the slutty drug rep's house), but it was also nice (she's sick and helps old people buy medicine in Canada because it's cheaper; see also that they live happily ever after) and funny (those Parkinson's people at the "unconvention" are hilarious; there's something 2010s-ish about that brother--it's the Jonah Hill [pre-21 Jump Street]/overweight buddy character that seems to be springing up in comedies everywhere nowadays).

Surprise: The journalist chick that kind of looks like ScarJo that dumped Seeley Booth from Bones (aka Angel from Buffy) with the terrible accent. Her. She's in it. Does she have to show up and ruin everything all the time?
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