Thursday, December 11, 2008

Maids' Dresses

After applying to some jobs this morning, I started seriously browsing the JCrew sale site again because with HOHOHO as a coupon code for free shipping and 30% off of a $200 order that ends today, I thought it might be a good opportunity to buy some dresses for Lisa and Sam to try on. I picked out three styles and colors--unfortunately, I browsed too long and the black Gracie dress ran out--so I think I got the P4 size, but who knows since JCrew might just yank that away from me too.

Anyway,we'll shop my favorite way: buy stuff online; try it on; return it. We'll see what looks good and try to exchange for the right size and return the rest. It will be fun I think.

So that I could get a better idea of what everything looks like together (with tux options of ties or bow ties) I used Polyvore. (It's a cool site if you haven't already come across it--it meshes shopping and trying to tie together looks.) Without further ado, the shabang:

Pink and white by solaz

Jon likes this the least because he thinks the dresses are too short. It's also probably because the dresses are pink. I'm not in love with the short dresses, but I love the shape. Maybe my grandma can use it to make longer dresses? I love that the fabric is the same as my dress though. And these dresses have pockets!

Black & Red by solaz

I'm not in love with this color, but it was the most favorable one I think. I think I have to see what it looks like on Lisa and Sam to see if it's a keeper. I thought it might work because it's long, and I like the neckline.

pink and black by solaz

This is Jon's favorite. I like it too, and I think the pink flowers would really be nice, but like I said, I could only get 1 of the dresses if that. We shall see. There are tons of the ivory versions of this dress, but the ivory looks really white, which would probably be too weird for them to wear. I considered buying them and dying them, but I'm not sure how well that would work out, and why risk it? The dress, even on sale, is the most expensive of the bunch. No risks on that account.

Well, what do you think will work out best? Are there any JCrew dresses I should have considered? Colors?

Also, between Sam and Lisa about their sizes, I got the most unhelpful texts--basically: I dunno. Uhh...

Just a quick tip about Polyvore--you can't use an existing set and alter it to "save as" a new one. It will wipe out whatever you did. That's been my experience anyway. So save the one you just finished, start new, redo what you liked about the original version and change it up, etc.
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