Saturday, March 9, 2013

NYC Armory Show 2013: Part 1: Intro

It's a pier that you pretend is an armory
for a few days
that houses a huge collection of art from
galleries all around the world and the country.
But here's a better explanation.

Jon and I went back in college and a few other times.
It never seemed as popular as it did today.
It was $30,
but since there were galleries from around the world,
it was like the best contemporary pop-up show
in all the world at that moment.

We could literally see our apartment
from the show,
so it seemed best not to waste the opportunity.

Every cube was a different country it seemed.

Instead of just a few people
who really seemed like ardent collectors,
there were all types of people
who were just interested in seeing new/classic modern art.
It's a nice change that they have real food options now too.
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