Monday, March 25, 2013

The Time Wee Married The Shredder

Once upon a time,
this past Saturday,
in the land of PoPo's house,
Ayee found The Shredder
hanging out somewhere.
She brought him to the table we were all hanging around,
he was quite mischievous.

At the time, we weren't sure
what he wanted with those flowers,
but surely enough,
his intentions became extremely clear.

Now if only he could figure out how to get the flower through the hole,
he'd be golden and his plan would be set into motion.

With flowers at his side and a ring in his hand,
he proposed to Wee,
kneeling among the orange slices and donuts.

He was so nervous that he was stepping on his cape!
But to his and everyone viewing's relief,
she said . . .


Wait, let me just say it like all the kids on facebook nowadays do:
I got on one knee with a ring,
and she said yes!
Status: Engaged

He had a little trouble putting the ring on her finger
since it was so heavy for him.
He has a forty pack of muscles on his torso,
but the multicarat ring was a little hard for him to manage.

Anyway, things couldn't be done fast enough!
Wee put on our heirloom cheong sam,
the one our PoPo, aunt, mom, and I wore for our weddings,
along with some other family and family friends,
and she and The Shredder just got hitched!

She's adoring and thinking about The Shredder.
Is he thinking about me?
I wonder if he'll think I'm pretty.

She called everyone she knew to tell them to good news!

She sang for him.

Chris had no clue what had transpired
with his fiancee or The Shredder.

Anyway, they lived happily ever after!
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