Tuesday, March 26, 2013

NYC Armory Show 2013: Part 4: Some Cool Art from Jon's Phone

Tilda Swinton is sleeping under this.
Just kidding!

It was Jon himself.
Just kidding!

This was art nonetheless.
I think it's called Sleepeh.

An artist was signing/giving away Andy Warhol Brillo boxes or something.
I didn't get one or see where they were getting them from,
but it looked neat.

These acrylic legs are Matthew Barney-esque, no?

Word art is in these days.

This is awesome art.
It's represents the worst times of the winter holidays.
I bet there are already cards and T-shirts on etsy with this print.

They're synchronized enough to make a tree
out of their poop,
as if the poop tree is walking jauntily toward them too.
The men are in a yoga position.
They have such terrible diarrhea 
that it shoots through their underwear!
They're average weight men
that are identical except for their facial hair
and their underwear. 

Art made up of hundreds of unsmoked cigarettes.

The machine was automated to push holes through the tape.
It was interesting and random.
A woman suggested it was Braille.

A cool photo taken of a building not in this area.
We need cool colorful buildings architects on the eastern seaboard.
Enough of this steel, red or orange or beige brick, and glass garbage.
Color our concrete jungles for us sexy beasts!

You entered this galley's booth with a flashlight
to look at the art.
I don't know why.
The gallery was from Istanbul.

There's something so appealing about the circle it creates.
The rose gold gleaming and all.

Copy of the score by John Cage:

Jon says it's probably the most famous piece of 
experimental music.
The music is the ambient noise of the silence of the musician
not performing.

(This just underscores my anxiety at a live performance.)

Jon thinks I closed the video,
but it's still playing.

Scary stone babies.
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