Saturday, February 16, 2013

Istanbul: Day 1

Saturday, 2/16: Landed, got to hotel (Park Hyatt), went to the outsides of the Blue Mosque (it appears in Argo in the scene where he gets the passports in Istanbul from the British guy) and Hagia Sophia and the inside of the Archaeological Museum, then Grand Bazaar (see the scene in Skyfall where he comes crashing through), then dinner near the hotel. Dom and I walked to the Galata Tower (4.7 km) and back (4.0 km). We had gotten a bit lost on our way there. Dom ate a doner (think gyro). My big toe was bleeding from walking so much when we returned (and I had done pointe ballet for years without any toenail issues ever!). It might have been because I kept tripping over the steps they willy-nilly inserted on the hills.
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