Friday, February 1, 2013

39 Mott Street: The Case of the Missing Por Por

Let's just start with the fact that she's fine
and that she'll probably never ever leave her apartment
by herself again.

Around 7:30 last night,
Jon's mom called him and said that 
his por por (grandma)
was lost in Chinatown.
She went out to buy some juice,
at 5 p.m.,
but she couldn't find her way home.
Luckily, she knew where she was:
39 Mott Street.

Jon was in the middle of making
us some dinner,
but he quickly turned everything off,
and we drove down to find her.

Jon's dad had called the police 
to try to find her
and help her,
since it sounded like she was paralyzed by anxiety
and it was freezing cold and windy last night,
so she was probably outside and freezing
for who know how long.

Let's just say New York's finest never showed up
to do their jobs and PMS (protect, m?, serve)
though we saw a police car just hanging out a couple of blocks away on Bowery
and another one headed in the wrong direction crossing Canal.
Let's all eye roll together here
and shake our heads.

Okay, so,
we drove by 39 Mott,
but she wasn't there!
She was basically hidden in a really dark corner of the sidewalk
a few stores past.
(Chinatown seems to shut down in that area around 8
on weekdays.)

But then Jon saw her,
and I awkwardly parked on the corner of Mott and Pell.
And he threw her shopping cart in,
and ushered her in.

We were only a few blocks away from
her apartment.
We parked in the lot under her building.
Unfortunately, the lot required you to use the stairs 
to get to the sidewalk level
where the entrance is.
But she did it.
Not one foot meeting the other,
like an 91 year old lady,
but like one foot on each step, climbing.

It snowed a few flakes on our way
to the lobby.
We sat there,
because she was so winded and needed a break.
Jon's mom was there shortly.

Por Por was shivering pretty violently
for about an hour, 
partly in the lobby and partly in her apartment
once we got her there.
We read on the Internet that it's due to
one's body acclimating to a rapid change in temperature.

None of us had eaten,
so Jon and I left to pick up some food.
She seemed MUCH better after she ate.
And she seemed normal by the time we left.

We're so happy she's okay.
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