Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Coming Home from Istanbul

Wednesday, 2/20: We departed after breakfast. Landed in Munich and were personally escorted by a Lufthansa employee to our next flight to Newark. It was a great trip. Wee was the only one who didn't have to go to work the next day. Freakin' Wee.

The short of it was that it was a wonderful trip! It seems like there's a huge chance of culture shock, but it seems a lot like NYC and SF had a baby in the middle of Europe and Asia. If Rockefeller didn't buy up the land on each side of the Hudson's palisades, NYC/NJ would totally look like Istanbul minus the mosques and palaces in the skyline. Mostly everyone understood English. The food was awesome and familiar and not too salty or spicy or anything. Everything tasted really fresh. And the vegetables, olives, fish and chicken and lamb, and bread were delicious. Except for some motion sickness on my end from riding backward in a car and waiting on the smaller ferry tour (to fill up like a Bergenline jitney bus outside of Port Authority before it departed), no one got sick. But even if one of us did, the hotel was amazing because of the bathrooms: SOAKING TUB. HEATED TILES. For real. The only weird thing was that everyone differed to Dom. "What would you like, sir?" (For the entire table.) But whatever, it's not the US.
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