Sunday, February 3, 2013

FreshDirect Has Il Laboratorio del Gelato's Basil Ice Cream: Eat It

So the Lower East Side is about a half hour to forty-five minutes
from our apartment in Midtown West.
Ludlow is simply far.

But FreshDirect has saved us some effort
by providing Il Laboratorio del Gelato to come straight to our door practically.

Since a container of it costs about $10,
and our freezer was meant for New Yorkers who don't shop at Costco,
we got one of these babies.

And it was delicious on its own.

Jon was fantasizing about eating it with mozzarella and tomatoes,
extra virgin olive oil and aged basalmic.

This is what his fantasy looks like in real life.

Unfortunately we eat all our dinners around ten at night
since he gets home so late,
so the lighting doesn't make it look as awesome as it tasted.

Believe me though,
basil ice cream is a revelation to accompany what we think as normally savory foods.
Eat it.
Eat it now!
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