Monday, February 25, 2013

Turkish Delight on a Moonlit Night

At a shop at the Spice Market,
we bought at least a hundred dollars worth of Turkish delight.
Insane, right?

I'm not even a big fan of the stuff.
It's nutty and chewy and kinda has a slightly sweet flavor,
but give me chocolate any day and I'm a much happier girl.

They come either as cubes or logs
and they're mostly covered to prevent sticking.
We like to pretend to be grossed out by the long poop ones.

The green ones are covered in pistachios.
The nuts are either pistachios or hazelnuts mostly.

The box was nice.
They vacuum sealed it for the transportation of it too.
My dad claims that this is how one smuggles hashish in/out of the country.
At least if you're stuck staying at the Midnight Express movie's prison,
it's now an exclusive Four Seasons.

I cut up a bunch of Turkish delight for my coworkers to try on Monday.
It didn't go over as well with them as it did with my brother's coworkers,
who already seemed to have eaten at least two pounds of the stuff.
I brought a sandwich bag of the stuff home.
It's not for everyone.

Anyway, loyal blog readers, I hope we can meet up soon,
so I can share some with you!
(Can I mail it to Hawaii, fuzzy?
I'll leave out the hashish.)
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