Friday, February 15, 2013

Headed to the Doctor and Istanbul and Fish McBites

I woke up at 7:30 this morning to get ready 
for a physical at the doctor's office!
It was a very satisfying doctor's visit.
It's like I want to rave about her,
but I don't want too many people to go to her
because then getting an appointment will become impossible.

I think she's around my age,
which is why a lot of the patients aren't too keen on seeing her
over the older white dudes at the practice.
The older white dudes are fine,
but I want an accessible GP.

Anyway, she took blood to make sure 
I'm not a sick diabetic/high bad cholesterol lady.
This happened at the office--not some dumb blood test
write up thing like at my last GP's
that I never followed up on.

Anyway, I came home and called my credit card and bank card
to let them know I was traveling abroad,
and I packed. 
I had like two hours to pack, which seemed like a good amount of time.
I was only packing for five full days anyway.
It's winter clothes packing though, which is tough.
I settled on five sets of T-shirts and sweaters, two jeans to alternate,
a dress and tights, a nice sweater and dress pants,
and a bunch of other incidental stuff.

I ran to the ferry 
(which was pretty hard with like fifty pounds of crap on my shoulders)
and my dad drove me and Wee to the airport.

It was such a beautiful day out--like real spring break kind of weather.

At the airport, Wee said that we should wait for Dom and Aunt Is
to check in.
That wasn't a good idea because we had to go back and forth between
economy and elite members--on opposite sides of the hall with all our crap.
In the end I didn't realize that because my aunt Is has elite status,
which she used to buy our tickets, I had elite status too,
and I could've been on the shorter line all along.
In the end, we cut everyone anyway.

And the elite status security line isn't shorter.
The old folk that have elite status can't move very fast
because they're old, 
but not old enough to not have to take off their shoes.

Above: Wee's bag is the big red one.
My bag is the backpack.
Raise your hand if you think Wee overpacked.

Since it was the first Friday of Lent,
we tried to be good and ate some fish snacks
on the plane.
I hadn't eaten lunch
(just a bowl of cereal and yogurt the whole day--and we boarded at like 5 p.m.)
so I was totally loving these McBites.

They're like little balls of friedness and fish.
So delicious!

Of course, we didn't order a vegetarian menu
for our flight ahead of time,
but plane time is different than every other time in the world.
At least I got to eat the beef (over the chicken),
which is what Dom and Wee had to eat--because they ran out of beef.
(Just one row behind us!)

My dad says that since the pope retired,
we can do whatever we want.
Sodom and Gomorrah!
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