Saturday, February 2, 2013

The Rispoli Cannoli Cake (and Pep Turns 30)

The Rispoli cannoli cake is a thing of magic.
My family has been ordering Rispoli since forever.
Their lobster claws are legendary for a snack.
Their cannoli cakes are legendary for special occasions.

You have to make sure you order it correctly though
or else you'll probably be disappointed:
whipped cream
chocolate pudding
and strawberries.
No rum.

When our friend Pep got into Columbia med school,
we celebrated with his favorite:
a cannoli cake.

But I totally messed up the order:
Rum, maybe?
I don't remember. 
I got really sick from the cake sugar and champagne
that I passed out on my way to the bathroom.
But definitely buttercream and nuts.

I got it right when he graduated med school/got into Columbia residency at least.

There's something beautiful that happens with the way
the whipped cream, chocolate pudding, cannoli, and strawberries
moisten the underlying cake.
It's like heaven in your mouth.

The cannoli cake seems to be a phenomenon of northern Jersey.
Pep turned 30 last month,
and he couldn't find one in the stupid city of Boston to celebrate properly with.
Nor does Rispoli ship cakes.
(Do you ship delicate masterpieces? Probably not.)

In any case, he was in town to take some test,
and we got him a cake and a lot of White Castle to celebrate.
Like a lot of White Castle.

Birthdays are the best with cannoli cake.
And becoming older isn't as terrible.
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