Sunday, March 3, 2013

Grandma's Chicken Soup and Meatballs

Today, I made my grandma's chicken soup and meatballs recipe.
It really sucks that she can no longer make it for us,
but I think her recipe was accurate enough
that it tastes similar. 

Add chicken thighs to water and salt for up to three hours or so.
Rinse the thighs before and after the salt bath.

Make the tiny meatballs with lots of love.

1 pound of meat
1/2 cup or less bread crumbs
1 cup or more Parmesan cheese
2 eggs

Mix together. Pinch about a thumb and two fingers of meat and roll.
(Three fingers will be too big.)

Freeze or refrigerate while you're getting the other stuff prepared.

Make this the day of the soup.


How much you want, is what she calls for.
We use one or two packs of the premade stuff from the market.
It's amazing how much time it saves since my knife skills are terrible.

Sweat mirepoix.
Brown chicken slightly.
Add as much water as you'd like soup--
make sure there's enough water
for the meatballs to float around in.

This isn't in Grandma's recipe, 
but if it's not chickeny enough, 
add some chicken flavorings (via bouillon cube or stock).

Bring to a boil then add meatballs
--one at a time!--
and cook for two or three hours on low heat.

Ladle it up, shred up the chicken,
and every bite will have a little meatball and a little chicken.

It tastes even better the next day!

And it will fill your heart containers to the max
and cure all ailments immediately.
Your belly will feel really cozy.
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