Thursday, June 21, 2012

Mitsuwa Gourmet Fair!

Tonight we went with Joy,
Wee, and Chris
to Mitsuwa to try the special ramen
from Hokkaido
and check out their gourmet fair.

It took about an hour and a half to get there
after work, leaving around 6 p.m.
Traffic getting out of the city from the north side
was a mess.
It took about an hour to move two blocks,
to then be sidetracked by a stupid cop car.
So we went down to get the tunnel from the south side.
That took only twenty minutes to get
to Mitsuwa.
My bad.

The above are little waffles with 
green tea and cream filling.
And a cream puff.

The ramen was pretty good.
Not as good as last year's gourmet fair, 
but still pretty awesome.

The above is a pastry filled with pumpkin.
Yum, pumpkin!

We're going back for the shoyu ramen on Saturday.
They only serve 150 per day.
It's what they're famous for though.

The above are fried tofu skins
filled with rice
and pieces of crab.


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