Monday, June 11, 2012

Mud City

Jon used to hate going down the shore
until he got himself a box of #1 crabs
from Mud City

A few Father's Days ago,
we learned that the best way
for Jon to eat the #1s
is to order it for pickup,
so that we didn't have to sit at the table
the entire time he picked at and ate them.

I don't really mind sitting at the table,
except that the place gets incredibly packed.
At peak hours,
you can expect to wait a couple of hours
while being eaten by mosquitos.

The cool part about sitting down though
is seeing the waitresses write their names
upside down.

There was one weekend last summer 
that we went down the shore,
and they had run out of crabs.
I have never seen Jon so sad.
The guy loves his crabs.

I'm not a huge crab lover.
I think my favorite dish is 
their New England clam chowder.
Rich and delicious!

Mud City!
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