Monday, November 12, 2007

Moving Books

So Jon and I started packing our books. We've a somewhat massive amount of books between us (and that's with a lot of my English requirement books at home too). This is just a sample of the books in L-11 (Livingroom, Box 11). There were 10 boxes before this one with more books (and I think mostly cookbooks).

The system we've developed is to 1) Pack books in box to estimate what exactly can fit 2) Remove items from box to photograph by labeled box 3) Photograph the books by labeled box 4) Bag the books (we've TONS of plastic bags from a variety of places) to protect from misc. weird damages 5) Reload the books into the boxes.

I like to think this project is somewhat eco-friendly since we're recycling boxes from FreshDirect (our own and those that people leave in the hall that aren't too skanky), packages (like from the tons of Frommer's luggages), and boxes from work, and recycling the millions of bags that we have stored under the sink. Though not energy efficient (our energy that is), since we have to pack, unload, bag, and repack, it gives me a sense of security that should it be raining that moving day our books will be able to withstand some exposure.

Anyway, we're still not done. We have our autographed books and our hard to replace books to pack still, and some other books that haven't found boxes yet. Though, at home, I have tons of boxes to bring over to load up with stuff.

As you can see between box 11 and 14, we made some dent in our library, though not that much. Our boxes end at L-16 at the moment, and we managed to pack those shelves you see with books in this photo.

Putting away all these various titles though, makes me kind of wonder what it would be like to be one of these books: packed in the dark with other strange books. It seems like anything can happen in a dark box--on the shelf, I can see that the books are shy so they just stand, but in the box, I imagine it like Gumby where they have rich interior lives. Though minus Gumby, and the books are personified. I'm not explaining myself very clearly...

So weird...there's another freakin mosquito in my apartment! And I failed to kill it, and it's probably going to bite me and Jon all night. It's freezing out--what are mosquitoes doing thriving in my apartment? Ugh. Remind me to tell you about the time a mosquito bit my eye. I have a photo too, but I'm going to be shy today and not post it just yet. It's a really scary photo--I wore sunglasses all day (and that experience at work was kind of weird too).
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