Thursday, May 6, 2010


*Before & After

Routed stuff around the office--consensus is that my hair is "cute!"

My boss's boss said that I looked "adorable" and then correct herself to "sophisticated and . . ." and I helped her out with "cute."

And a few of my coworkers did notice that my hair down yesterday (for its last hurrah) was superlong. And a lot of them have pointed out how much lighter my head must feel--unfortunately my hair is fairly thin, so long hair wasn't exactly weighty.

Ooh! I will weigh my donation hair tonight! (When I decided to get it chopped off, I made sure it was long enough to donate--and Locks of Love accepts layered hair as long as the longest layer is at least 10 inches.)

Today was pretty exciting though. Thank goodness it wasn't a bad haircut (like the one I got with sideburns).

Haha, just got a "Hi! Haircut!" from an editor.

The positive attention is doing wonders for my self-confidence. I recommend everyone to do something drastically positive for themselves.
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