Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day

Mother's Day was busy. We went to see Jon's mom and por por in Chinatown for lunch, and then headed over to my parents' house for a late lunch/early dinner of BBQ foods. I made a bunch of cards for the women that were going to be at my parents' house. I couldn't get Jon to give me a good image of what to draw for his mom and por por, so I gave them some pretty letterpress/die-cut cards instead.

This one's for my grandma who used to make the most crazy delicious tennis ball-size meatballs weekly. Unfortunately, she's not been feeling so great and hasn't cooked as much in the past year.

Interior. Jon said that it was a good thing I labeled the front because it might be confused as a bloody poop. Err . . .

I made this one based on the clementine that I saw my Popo had tied on her own plant.


My mom made me my Kai-lan costume for my job's costume party (my group is a the very end). She's awesome.


My two aunts were over also.

Awhile ago, my Aunt Isabel, my dad's sister, had extra tickets for Hair, so I went to see it--at the end of it all they invited the audience up on stage, and she got up on stage to dance with everybody.


My mom's eldest sister came up from Virginia to visit. She owns several cats, so I made a Joncat, Christinacat, Domcat, Lisacat, and Chriscat.


This all took about an hour to fold the cardstock, sketch and draw the images, and write the cards out. And with crayons and leftover paper stock from wedding invitations/thank you cards, it was simple and cheap and kind of fun!
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