Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Eagle-eyed Managing Editor Swoops to Rescue Spine

I found a really hard to find error on my boss's spine. The designer, at first, couldn't even tell. He said I did a good job of catching it when he finally realized what I was talking about. He took a chocolate piece from my candy bowl, and I looked down and noticed that my lightweight cashmere sweater is shedding like crazy all over my black cotton dress.

Anyway, I mocked up what the spine looked like below:

I guess it's hard to tell on screen, but basically the letters that drop (g, y, and p) had some weird thing happen where the pink of the spine wasn't fully filled in because the purple of the back cover was peeping through.

Saving books from errors like these makes my day.

*Not a real book title, I think.
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