Tuesday, April 28, 2009


We've been getting them in! It's pretty awesome how an SASE almost guarantees mail.

So far we've 44 guests including wedding party and parents: yes and 2: no.

That's swell and all, but what's interesting is the number of people who go the extra mile to write a joke, reminder, comment of some sort. It's more like 4, maybe 5.

Those weddings on blogs that feature extensive questionnaires for their guests that while clever (in an, aww, I wish I knew those people, but they're probably lame way) are deceptive. I guess asking for people to write out the names of all attending members of their party (didn't get that for one; and the other one just had first initials and last name...err...) is difficult, let alone fill if a) whether you're attending and b) how many people are attending is also difficult. I guess I'm asking for the world for a nice thought or something else besides names, a check mark, and number. Something like: "Can't wait!" or "Party on!" Not thought provoking letters on love.

When the most traditional RSVP is a handwritten note provided by the invitee (as well as SASE), what can be said about the art of letter writing and invitations if even the simplest provocation is ignored?
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