Wednesday, September 30, 2009

You Can't Take This Girl Anywhere

Every morning for the last couple of weeks I've bought a fun drink from PRET. That got to be expensive ($4 for a pint), so the husband and I went to TraderJoe's where I bought a mango drink ($4 for 1/2 gal). The drink is quite good. I put it in a thermos that the husband and I got from Beard Papa when it opened by his dorm at the time and we bought a dozen Beard Papas (well, two dozen actually, so that we each got a thermos).

I'm new to using a thermos. In grammar school, I had lunch boxes with thermoses, but I always had a juice box.

So today, I try to use the close/open mechanism on my thermos so that I wouldn't make a mess unscrewing the pieces. I tilted it, and it spilled. Nice. I have a meeting in 15 minutes, and though the spill has dried, there are sugar stains on my skirt. Let's hope no one asks.
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