Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween S&S

S&S Halloween costume winners this year:


1st Dan and Russell for dressing up like these folk and singing the plot to the tune of "Sixteen Going on Seventeen." They did an encore too.

2nd Unicorn Zombies (I think they were from supply chain). The editors of the imprint of this book also dressed up as Zombies vs. Unicorns, but didn't win.

3rd It's disgusting, but we've had a fruit fly issue in our pantries (like one of our pantries is getting ripped out and redone). Three different groups dressed up as fruit flies. The anatomical correctness and life-like soda machine and defective bug zapper got the production team their win.

(There were ten group entries.)


1st Some guy dressed up like a "grandma" and gave candy wrappers to the judges while muttering "grandma"-like sayings
2nd The publisher's assistant dressed as King Tut
3rd A managing assistant dressed as Leela from Futurama

(There were just three of them who entered as individuals.)

I talked to our intern, Charles. He's a nice guy.
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