Thursday, June 23, 2011


I came across this credit when I was googling myself because I wanted to see what kind of electronic imprint me and my name were leaving. (That other Christina Solazzo has got to get married and change her name soon so I can be the only one again! Note: There are 10,300,000 results for "Christina Chin" if I were to adopt my married name. There are only 118,000 results for "Christina Solazzo.")

It's pretty neat that I was credited for this book as an editorial assistant. I was paid to keyboard it as a freelancer, but I found that I had to make a lot of editorial decisions because the editor didn't have time to really review them before I got into DC to start keyboarding. (Note: This was right after working for 8 some hours at The Teaching Company already. And driving into DC during rush hour. And driving back to Reston around midnight. And doing it again for a few days over a few weeks.)

I remember keyboarding this book on a Saturday too--when NG didn't have their air conditioner on and it was 100 degrees in DC and someone kept turning off the lights in the area I worked in. (They called the area "shantytown" because it was so makeshift.)

It was a really cool book to work on.
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