Thursday, February 3, 2005

Bollywood Galore

Last time was drunk, last night. 120lbs. (feels like). Best Gilmore Girls episode this season, last night. Latest I have ever taken the bus alone, tonight (the 1:30AM, which should have been the 1:25 AM, but it was running late). Last time had Bridget's voice in my head, not recently.

I've lost Bridget, but I do feel that I have happily found my own voice in my head. Oh, one more Bridget-ess thing. Words typed on thesis, 0. 0 visits to Evans. 1/2 Chance of doing really really poorly on this writing task and not graduating summa.

What graduating summa cum laude means to me: I don't plan on attending professional school or graduate school. Not for my profession anyway. I hate writing papers on books that have already been written extensively about. Really what's the point of undergraduate papers except to show off one's grammar and organizational skills?

So my undergraduate BA in Communication and English will be it--as far as any really credible degree is concerned. I found that Masters in Publishing doesn't hold much weight in the real world, but if it will help someday then perhaps I'll take the required courses. It seems that the publishing programs at universities are scams though. We shall see.

Still as far as a degree in life this BA may be it. And to not try my hardest to graduate tip-top with as many honors and all would be silly. What would have been the point of college afterall?

GG: Richard and Emily are together, YEAH! I liked the part where he's like, I don't want to go to the pool house and Emily said something like, so don't and come home. And to be so dramatic about it and rear end her car while she's talking to Simon! What moxie!

Rory got her expectatations of going to Logan's dad's party crushed. The way I see it is that Rory got mostly everything she's ever wanted--and the boys ALWAYS fall for her. Logan though, he's actually proving to be a challenge. Oh why hasn't he fallin' to her Rory-ish whims? Perhaps he sees that she has another motive other than crushing on him--such as his father's connections in the journalism world. Perhaps he doesn't want to get involved with her because he doesn't want a bad break up where he couldn't even help her get into the journalism world. Or is it possible that he could just not be interested? However, what was that whole gag in the philosophy class about? Thoroughly entertaining stuff, but another orphan thread to the plot of the GG.

At least Rory is acting like a real girl: Disappointed in herself for having expectations for the guy to read her mind and "do the right thing," and yet not telling him what to do though she has the opportunity and knows fully well that said guy can't read her mind. Disappointed in him for not seeing all her charms, wit, beauty, and organized notes to want to take her out.

Bollywood Dance Class was much fun. I will be enrolled soon and much fun will ensue since the class will hopefully get smaller, and I won't have to throw down the girls in front of me to get some space.

Am still reading Windup Bird Chronicles. Am considering starting the Noodlemaker however. Am considering sleep as it is 2:12 AM.

Ah, one more thing. I said something in English class today! Big classes suck. I wish I took more advantage of speaking when I was in smaller seminars.

Fun stuff...oh yes, having no mobile phone sucks. At least no morning classes that require an alarm!
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