Monday, May 22, 2006

Grandma's 80th Birthday!

This year she's 80. I tried making her the blackout cake from my favorite Cake Book, but something went wrong. I swear, it's the baker and not the book. On Thursday, I went to Food Emporium and bought what I needed, and then proceeded to follow all the instructions in the recipe. I used the page proofs I had made copies of (for some reason or other) because they easily adhered to the fridge door. I buttered and floured the pan--I know I buttered and floured the pan--but apparently not as generously as I was supposed to. Anyway, once all the measuring was done, I mixed it up, and put it in the pans. Made the filling. Made some shrimp flavored noodles with a tablespoon of oyster sauce (delicious, fast, esay dinner) and ate that. Tested the cake. Let it cool. Let it cool. Let it cool. Tried shaking it out of the pan. Tried digging it out of the pan...that's why in the picture it's still in the pan...It was still a good cake and birthday I think!
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