Monday, May 22, 2006

Queen Grandma

This is at her 80th surprise birthday party on Sunday. The weekend was so exhausting--Wee and I put together a scrapbook, and could only find mostly pictures of me and grandma--I know, how bad could that be? We spent all Saturday putting it together--finding pictures, printing pictures out at Target/Sam's Club, making scrapbook pages and designing the layouts...exhausting! But it came out really nice. We asked other family members to bring photos too. Isabel found an old portrait--the one behind the cake...grandma's the little one in the center. Uncle Filip said she was 1 in the picture (which makes him about 6). He had exact dates, but I don't remember--something 1920s. Then he mentioned that he fell flat on his face--very strange segue, but's nice that he was standing when he told me the story. Grandma forgot at somepoint that she was wearing the crown--a 21st birthday crown with pink faux fur/fluff trim and real blinking lights! That was really funny. She's so funny. It seemed like she had a really good time.
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