Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Hit Record

So I swear, I'll go to the gym after I write this--and can you believe that this isn't a post about food? I think the thing that is provoking me mostly is that somehow I stumbled across this website: http://www.hitrecord.org/home.html, and I want to figure out how and I got there. Like emptying my brain on the page so I can mindlessly read Jane on the elliptical. (Yeah, it's not as easy as it should be with the type so small.)

So this hitrecord.org website is Joseph Gordon-Levitt's. The kid from 3rd Rock from the Sun/10 Things I Hate About You/Brick. The site is cute, and I use "cute" to describe it because it's not extraordinarily technologically impressive--but I, using Blogger, shouldn't be criticizing. It's just that "celebrities" doing their own things, in real life and time, is strange. And when it's not like they hired their own publicity team or even personal assistant to do it, and make it look all sheik; it's interesting. I mean it's so much easier to gawk at celebrities and about their lives than to imagine that they're real people. I think that it reveals that Joe (as he's called on his website) is not just the culmination of the characters he's portrayed or that flat/distorted figure in magazines and television. There's a life to him--and he's openly revealing it.

This brings to mind how yesterday Pam was saying how one of her friends who lived in SF had a party and one of his/her guests asked to bring a friend, who turned out to be Julia Stiles. And how Dani said that she saw Julia Stiles at a bar when her group hung out with the Fordham/Columbia group. Pam also said that she heard from a friend of a friend that Natalie Portman got drunk at a party and declared every celebrity she's slept with. The point of this being that it's usually a friend of a friend of a friend whom you hear this stuff from, and it's strange how we react--and it's like: why do we react the way we do? Is it just because it's easy to talk about since they're easily recognizable and makes for easy gossip? And the socialization celebrity gossip provides keeps us sane from becoming too isolated because we are so caught up in our own lives? Or is it because we really care?

Anyway, how I found Hit Record was this: I was googling to see if Gilmore Girls was new today because I'm locked out of playing the Sims since Jon is doing research on the computer. So after I went through all the spoilers of shows I watch: Grey's, Gilmore, and Veronica Mars, I wikipedia-ed Veronica Mars to figure out what I missed since I've only started watching it this past season. I can't believe I missed out on some great stuff, but that's what DVDs are for. Anyway, the greatness of Veronica Mars is similar to Brick and the other noir-ish movies I've come to like watching with Jon instead of the same old crap. Brick was a good movie--and it has the girl from Heroes and the face-wash commercials, Nora Zehetner--who seems like a likable person in real life. It also had Joe, so I read the wikipedia entry on him, which lead me to his site. The video he took with his camera phone after some paparazzi harassed him is interesting--as are the letters and his responses--but most of all, his blog. I think the funniest thing was that his friend didn't want to point out that it was weird that it looked like he had a Japanese flag as a link to his website (the graphics were broken and crappy looking on some browsers apparently).

I wonder how life would be different if everyone kept their own blogs. Okay, now it's time to sweat, or at least think about it some more.
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