Thursday, April 19, 2007

When the Moon Hits Your Eye

Yolato is delicious. And if you register, it's free! I just registered, but even paying for it tasted good. I got pistachio since green is a health food color (like salad or broccoli), also pistachio is just awesome! Next time though, I think I'll have to try the plain yogurt and get some fruit toppings. Love the flavor of yogurt! Pam said that it tasted very yogurty the last time she got it, which sounds pretty good to me. This time Pam got the tiramisu and that was pretty divine. It even had some sweetness of alcohol in it.

Pam and I took our Yolati on the road to Commerce on Bond. There's some weird art stuff lying around that a kid tried to climb on. (Not climbable art.) There were also two dresses on some somewhat beat up mannequins. We both agreed that the one of the right (the goldish one) looked better than the green/blue one on the left, since that one looked like it's been through shredder. There was another dress by the change machine, but we didn't discuss it. It was kind of nice--the structure of it was interesting anyway. When Pam was getting money from the ATM, some dude, who's ATM next to hers wasn't working, started hovering over Pam. This guy was big, and it was like he was towering over her to see her PIN or something. Very creepy.

Pam forgot her phone, so we went back to her apartment to retrieve and wait for Randi to call back. Njoki had been napping before, but when she woke up, it was so much fun. We decided that fitting a queen-sized bed in Pam's room would be a ridiculous feat; toasting about ships, especially fun ships is great fun; running out of toilet paper, then running out for toilet paper, then not getting a bag and then running from someone who says, "So you got toilet paper?" is probably thinking, "Man, she's got to go bad!"

Can't wait to try my Soyjoy bar! Njoki got her bars and shared with me and Pam, just like she promised when she signed up for 3 free bars on the website. It's a bit silly that the bars are different flavors though, but oh well. I'm going to be eating something in the morning tomorrow--so exciting!

I asked Njoki for a good Mexican place in the neighborhood since that's where we wanted to go with Shane's brother Paul. We went to Florencia 13 for their delicious burritos. I got a Boyle Heights, and I still have some. It was yummy, but I was too stuffed to eat the rest of it, so I got it packed.

Paul is 18, likes milk, but rates milkshakes on a scale of 1 to 10, a 5. 5! I told him he had to get a Broadway shake from Tom's Diner. I then told him that Tom's Diner is the diner they use for the outside shots on Seinfeld. Then, like a true fan, he was talking about a big salad. Paul said that today he's been to the Met and the Guggenheim--and he paid full student price for the Met. Well, someone's got to I guess. It was nice meeting Paul. It's strange though when younger people seem as old as onesself, but I guess that's how all old people feel.

Apparently, I look young in the driver's license photo that I just had taken when I renewed and upgraded (from the dumb provisional, crappy, get some extra money from people who switch to real licenses when they're not expired yet licenses).

After dinner, we walked through Soho and Little Italy along Mulberry to a karaoke bar called Yello. I found the place kind of creepy since it was next to a Chinese funeral home. It also wasn't full on. Anyway, on our way there we passed by some Soprano's people coming out of a restaurant. Apparently, some people saw the actor who plays "Paulie." I recognized the guy who plays a thug in lots of movies: Steve Schirripa/Bobby 'Bacala' Baccalieri. Paul was excited--I was too.

Jon's home. Looks like he drank some wine. He's offering it to me now.
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