Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Progress Report

I used to hate those. In high school we got the ugliest progress reports with the most cryptic symbols telling each of us (err...our parents) on how we should improve before the end of the marking period. Anyway, you be the judge:

Apartment front:
We moved with nearly 100 boxes. Jon has the exact number, but really nearly 100. The boxes were small to wardrobe box sized. About a third were books. There are about three boxes with bags/totes that we haven't unpacked yet, and I have no idea where to store at this point: yarn and other knitting/crocheting tools; crap that I don't know where to put yet. There's a ton of crap on one of our bookshelves (magazines, stationery, cable wires, etc.), more crap on our coffee table (packing materials, more stationery, a shoe, random knick knacks), and more crap on our dining table that we've shuffled from cleaned areas back to the table (mail, office supplies). We've been to IKEA in Woodbridge twice. And on our last outing we learned how to fold down the seats in the back so hopefully we can make less trips in the future. (We learned how to do this after we bought the thing and put it in the car.) Anyway, we bought an Expedit (2x4 shelf) to go with our 5x5 Expedit shelf from our original apartment. If you can imagine, we sandwiched the 5x5 with two 2x4's (so the 2x4s are horizontal and act as another table top). It takes up most of the wall, but I'm happy we have it. It nearly holds all of our books.

Besides that, I need to organize my clothes. I need to put them away in drawers and on hangers and keep them there.

When it's decent to present, I'll take photos :) Also, Pam needs to post pics of her place first. That's the deal. Or you can just come and visit. It'll be awesome because it will be 3-D.

Job front:
I got a job! I'm excited but a bit nervous, but we shall see. Free lunches on Friday--can't beat that.

Wedding front:
We set a date: 6-27-09! We're also setting up an awesome website--at least I hope we do set it up. I'm obsessed with weddingbee now that I have a good reason to be on that site. Something interesting came up, and I wanted to ask your opinion: does it matter that two friends get married within months of the other? There's a board with the topic AM I EVIL? And the response has varied to: "It's nice of you to have been considerate, but it's your own wedding"; "I would be ticked." I don't understand the "ticked" response.

Food front:
So I tried Potbelly (in DC)--got a turkey sandwich with everything on whole grain bread and it was heavenly. The peppers and pickles and all the flavors coming together made it divine.

I went to Nooshi (in DC) and got the dumpling noodles--it was pretty excellent. (At Super H we got more of those noodles. They're regular egg noodles that you would get in a California noodle dish, but they're in the soup, so not dry and crunchy--still great texture though.)

We tried this ramen place by the Super H called Blue Ocean (somewhere south of Reston), and it was decent. Nothing like Santoka though--I can eat that daily.

Super H (somewhere south of Reston) was an excellent Saturday diversion. We got a bunch of tofu, rice (a big sack of it for the same price as we got for a small sack at Mitsuwa/Fresh Direct), lots of crazy Asian sauces, and the best purchase was the basket of kiwis we got to go with the other best purchase: almond tofu (though it was coconut flavor and Jon added some drops of almond extract so that it would taste like it should). The box says that it serves 10, and we've had it everyday since Sunday so I guess it's true. It's crazy delicious. I might have to run out and get some more today!

If I were to give myself a cryptic score that I would have been given in high school I would give myself an ME: meets expectations. Which I guess, makes me want to try harder.
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