Thursday, January 31, 2008

Torso Socks Aside...And Back to...


Today, I was productive.

(Yesterday, I played JoJo's Fashion Show game until I beat it. I'm a sad sad person. But I did make dinner, so I guess it evens out--my feelings of worthlessness and purposefulness balanced itself out yesterday.)

Today, at 9am I spoke with Pam until nearly the break of her dawn. It was really nice. I wore my "whimsical" shirt for her. (The one I got at H&M with the printed little vest on it. Yup. Whimsical--and I sang about it to Jon and Pam. You know you want to hear that song. I'll only sing it when I wear the shirt though. It'd be weird for my other shirts to hear it; I don't think I have any other songs for my shirts.)

Then I read my Google reader and learned some crazy stuff about the world like: gocco. I think it's a potential task for a DIY wedding project. I even may be helping some area brides with their invites (the pressure is on: meeting new people+avoiding screwing up their invites--wedding invites no less). I don't know what to think about all this though. It seems that some people are really crazy and obsessed about their wedding and the details. Maybe it's because our engagement is incredibly long? Maybe it's because it's like we're already married? Jon's perspective is that it's a day to celebrate with everyone we love. And it's a good one. What does perfection really have to do with it then?

Then I went out. First stop was Target where I got these cute shoes:

I swear, I bought two of them (weird that the other shoe isn't in the photo, but I guess that's how it goes). I also bought some wire baskets to hold all of our crap on top of the coffee table that I was complaining about previously. I bought 3 so that in case they didn't fit I didn't have to return all 6. The 3 also gives me motivation to go out tomorrow to get more and stop by BN, which I didn't do because I planned to cook tonight. Anyway, are they cute? I think so. It's been awhile since I've bought ballet flats. I love the pink insole and the bold Asian-print. They were kind of pricey, but it was my treat for getting a job. (Go you! You got a job! shoes...which is much better than, lost another job to someone else shoes--I'd have many shoes in that case.)

Then I went to the bank and to the supermarket Harris Teeter. We call it the H-Titty. It's more fun to call it that. I got some ingredients to make some awesome sounding (and from the photo, looking) chili. The thing about H-Titty is that everyone who works there is so FREAKIN NICE. I enjoy going there because everyone is so nice. It's like we can be friends. The old guy in the spice aisle was extremely helpful (and adorable). I don't know. Maybe I should write a letter commending their service or something.

As a cherry to top off my outing, I dropped off some of Jon's shirts to the dry cleaners. Yeah, it sounds dumb, but I can't have him going to work next week topless. That would be indecent! And if he tried to rewear them, that would be gross. What alternative did I have?

Tomorrow, I am going to go get some more of those basket things from Target and try tidying up a bit more before I start my new job. Eek! not in NYC kind of sucks. Besides the obvious (I mean you dear reader!), there are TONS of wedding sales there that I am sad to read about. I found a blog site about DC brides, and they talk about local stuff, which is great, but still...I really wish we were in NYC.

Okay, going to make chili. First time out. Here's goes...
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