Tuesday, February 15, 2011

What Do You Get for Someone Turning 30?

A lot of my friends are turning thirty this year. It's terrifying, I think.

I need ideas for gifts. In particular the birthday girl this weekend is a middle school English teacher, has the greatest laugh ever, loves Pride and Prejudice and Colin Firth and all that kind of good stuff. She also likes board games, yummy food, and books besides Pride and Prejudice too.

Have you seen anything cute on the Internet that you wish someone would gift you? I am at a loss. I went through a few of my feeds and have not stumbled across anything awesome.

The best presents I received from her was for my high school graduation. She gave me an assortment of caffeine (sodas and teas and coffee) and a letter full of advice. For college she gave me a copy of Yay, You!

They were perfect gifts. I need a good one. I think a good gift is the only way to not feel so depressed about getting so old.
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