Friday, July 22, 2011


According to the National Weather Service, it felt like 116 degrees in New York.--NYT 7/22/11

When I left for lunch, I was freezing. FREEZING! I had goosebumps all over my arms. When I went outside, I could feel the heat make water droplets and gas off the cool air on my skin. It was a weird sensation. It felt a lot like what I imagine taking a cold shower and then running a blow dryer over that skin while standing in the sun is like. (In case you wanted to try to simulate it later for fun.) It was like I was a cold front interacting with a really hot front, and I was just waiting for a cloud to form around me and a miniature tornado or thundershower to spontaneously pop out of that cloud. At the very least, I thought I'd have my own contrail.

It makes me really want to try one of those mango-pineapple drinks from McDonald's.

It's also so hot that trying to move faster is just too hard:

Like my brain is like: Stop walking like a tourist.
And my body is like: But too much exertion will produce dire circumstances. Believe me, Brain, you know how I like fleeing instead of fighting. I just can't move faster. Slow and steady wins the race, etc.
And my brain is like: Yes. You're right. I'm sleepy. I'm so, so sleepy anyway.
And my body is like: Well, look, I'll put on a sweater to keep warm, and you can sit at your desk in the cold air for the rest of the afternoon and not have to worry about the heat for awhile.
And my brain is like: High five!
Body: High five, Brain!

Now I'm back and wearing a mohair sweater over my sundress, trying not to put my head on my desk to take a quick nap.
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