Friday, July 1, 2011

Wedding Advice VII

Experiencing the Inevitable and Kleinfeld

We are choosing a venue for the reception and we already experienced a bit of the someone wants us to do XXX and we don't scenario. Haha - part of the process, clearly! I scheduled an appt at Kleinfeld for a day they are having a Priscilla of Boston trunk show. I liked her dresses when I saw them online. Do I need to do anything else to check out the trunk show or all ppl with appointments that day can check it out?

Compromising is def. part of the process--the greatest part is that you have a partner in your fiance to help you stick up for what you both want and vice versa.

So Kleinfeld--basically they encourage you to check out the trunk sale regardless if you are interested in those dresses or not--so you're set. This the blog I wrote about that experience (and Pronovias too I think), but I also rewrote what I remember down here about Kleinfeld:

When I made my appt. I had no idea what trunk sale was happening, but I had picked out 5 dresses from their system like they recommended. I guess it depends on when, but I got the first appt. on a Sat. morning, and there were so many women--so much estrogen in the waiting area--it was weird!

The woman who helped me, Rita--short, old, Italian lady, perfect!--introduced me to the Amsale representatives and told me and my sister to grab some dresses I'd like to try on before other women had a chance to get them. The first Amsale dress I tried on was the one. I tried on others from the trunk show, and I tried on the dresses from my top 5. The Amsale rep. came by with some other dresses to try on too--but we kept coming back to the first one.

So after trying the other dresses, I put the first one back on and was taken to the front area where all the trunk show dresses were/mirror is. (Have you seen Say, Yes to the Dress?) There they tried on some veils, and then Randy (he's on the show) and Nicole (she's on the show too) told me how awesome I looked. With the trunk sale price, I saved $500 but was $500 over my original budget. I had an appt. at Pronovias at noon, so I told them I had to think about it.

I came back that afternoon--said I want to buy the dress--they put me in the dress again--took my measurements--I signed some papers (I can go into this with you if you want)--paid a hefty sum for the deposit--then left the store with that paperwork and a promise the dress would come about 6 weeks before the wedding.

Re: measurements: my advice--if you fast when you're stressed out, don't allow them to order a dress that has some room b/c you'll be floating in it by the time you need alterations. And if you stress eat--take that into consideration. Habits won't change b/c you're getting married--they'll probably be worse (so be prepared)! Expert or not, they don't know your habits, so make sure you speak up.

If you like the PoB dresses, you may also want to check out their flagship store before your Kleinfeld appt. That way by the time you have your Kleinfeld appt. you'll know exactly what you're looking for--but will get the trunk sale discount. (Also, designer's salons tend to be more personable than Kleinfeld's...maybe some champagne and photography won't be an issue? Yelp! reviewers could probably tell you if you do a search too.)

I also recommend bringing/wearing a nude strapless bra and boy shorts. Your family/friends/the woman helping you get into and out of dresses will see you wearing just these in between dresses. Don't worry about shoes--they have ones you can borrow--and you won't get alterations right away anyway.

Photography is prohibited at Kleinfeld's, but if you buy a dress you can take photos of it in your dressing room I think. If you have a camera phone/friend with a camera phone, I'd ask her to turn off her sound effects, and try to take photos with it if the saleswoman runs out of the dressing room for whatever reason.
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