Tuesday, September 4, 2012

My Husband Is Very Corny; Me, Not So Much

As we made our way to Jon's cousin's wedding on Labor Day,
we passed by a farmer's market with the coolest corn statue.

It was about two p.m.,
and we needed to still get changed
for the wedding that started at two thirty p.m.
There was plenty of time. . . .

I was starving,
but I was trying to save my appetite for cocktail hour.
The bride and groom
went to culinary school,
so their wedding food had to be tasty.

Jon got a roasted corn that a dude 
at the back of the farm
was selling.
Jon didn't like the corn very much.
He said it was too late in the season for good corn.

To put Jon's love of corn in perspective,
earlier this summer,
we bought corn from D'Agostino,
which in the scheme of life isn't a good market for produce.
However, it was really awesome corn.
To his chagrin, they didn't have corn for a while after,
so he bought a ton of corn from Fresh Direct.
When he got that corn that weekend,
he toted around with us,
in case we landed somewhere
(my sister's house was a huge possibility)
for him to cook and enjoy it.
He was so paranoid about sharing it though
that we ended back home
so he can eat it all himself.

I like corn.
Creamed-canned corn was my favorite.
I thought it was God's nectar
when I was a kid.
Sweet, salty, creamy goodness.

As a finger food that needs to be gnawed
(see: ribs, wings, etc.)
corn on the cob falls into a love/hate category.
Still, the lack of fresh corn on the cob
in the fall and winter and spring
just illustrates why fall and winter and spring

On a side note,
the farmer's market was selling fifty pound bags of potatoes
for only $12.99!
That's cheaper than some cocktails!
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