Wednesday, September 5, 2012

New York Hall of Science

there were a few other activities
at the New York Hall of Science.

This display in the photo above 
took an image with one light,
and another image with another light,
and a third light erased it all.
It was cool.

This showed our hotness levels.

Short legs!
Long torso!

This is the hall of mirrors.
It was incredibly lame.
There was this mirror and two others.

Chris threw three balls:
tennis ball,
and golf ball.
The experiment was to see which one went the fastest.
Guess which one went the fastest!

I had to zoom in.
Wee climbed all the way 
to the top of the rock climbing wall
WITHOUT a harness or anything but her purse.
Freakin' animal.

Not all things were Wee-awesome though.
She's as tall as a display showing how many molecules
--as represented by sand--
would represent a short human.
(Most likely meant to be a kid.)

(Okay, fine. She's just a bit taller.)

What's that?
Ha-ha, you flatter us.
We're not actually astronauts,
we just look like them. . . .
posing in the exact same way.

Jon's body shrunk.
I think Wee is hunched over slightly.
I'm a bit on my tippy toes.
Space suits are amazing!

Next to the display was a giant fan 
that you could power by pedaling a bike.
It had the tiniest seat
that looked mightily uncomfortable.
A very large boy
enthusiastically demonstrated it for us though. 

We thought about heading into space since we were dressed
in our space gear anyway, but then Jon remembered
the aqua fresca lady selling that and some Mexican food
out of a shopping cart
under the nearby underpass.

(Thank goodness she went back to her minivan to go home instead.
I could just imagine the stomachaches from eating
street shopping cart food.)

That's the Hall of Science
as taken from afar
on a very hot Saturday.

Maybe when we have kids old enough to run around
it'd be worth going back,
but as adults,
it's really not that great of a place to spend your day.
We really should have gone to the beach,
in spite of the predication of rain!
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